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QuikScout Volleyball is a complete video cataloging, editing and scouting system. From one integrated menu, QuikScout Editing Software offers cataloging and organization of video, scouting reports, team presentations, training and web based instruction.
Edit Game Video
  • Use your own terminology to quickly catalog and edit game video.
  • Program two Notation Fields that can expand your video search needs.
  • Use QuikScout's MyMedia folder for easy access and storage of game videos and play graphics
Data Entry Screen
Organize Game Video
  • QuikScout's powerful video search engines allow you to easily search and organize game video.
  • After making an edit save the clips you would like to use in your presentation to the Video Library or the QuikScout Filmroom.
Organize Game Video

Present Your Scouting Report from the Filmroom
  • The QuikScout Filmroom automatically organizes video clips for more efficient presentations during team meetings.
  • Video thumbnails of each edited play appear on the left side of the screen allowing for more efficient navigation and team viewing.

Create Custom Scouting Report Presentations
  • Select video clips that have been saved to the QuikScout video library.
  • On the same screen, import and attach a play diagram.
  • Compare two video clips or a video clip and animation side-by-side.
  • Add notes identifying player and team responsibilites.

Use Interactive White Boards to Present your Scouting Reports

Coaches can take full advantage of QuikScout's integration with Interactive White Boards and touch to resize text, graphic images and video clips for each page of their presentation.  Coach Bruce Cobleigh of Harrison High School and popular Glazier Football Clinic speaker had this to say about QuikScout Football:

"I could never create presentations like this before. I would have to keep my text and graphics seperate. I would have to wait until the end of my presenation to show my video clips. With QuikScout Football, I can present everything in it's proper sequence."

Create a Webcast for Players and Fans (Coming Soon!)
  • Following each game on an unsecured portion of the website, upload post-game team video that will be shared with booster club members, students and fans.
  • On the website's homepage, there is a space for up to twelve businesses to have their messages associated with the post game video.
  • Participating businesses will not only capture the attention of high school athletes, parents and fans for an entire season, tehy will also help provide coaches with championship winning software and extra dollars for their sports teams.

Create Web Based Player Portfolios
  • Six template options will help organize and prepare each player's information for uploading to the team website.
  • Portfolios can include a mix of photos and videos clips next to personal game descriptions that coincide with images or video.
  • Once your portfolio has been uploaded to the website, links can be emailed to family, friends and college recruiters.

Create Web Based Playbooks and Training Tutorials
  • Create interactive video playbooks and training tutorials that can be uploaded to the team website.
  • Players can access and study the training lessons and playbooks from home.

For more info including two demo videos, Video
Playbook has a page of it's own, check it out here:

Video Playbook
Web Based Playbooks
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QST Learning Network

Improve an Athlete's Performance with Motion Analysis
  • Synchronize video clips to compare and study an athlete's technique against the model
  • Break down passing or kicking technique and study critical stages in steps, plant and release points
  • Analyze weightlifting technique to improve performance and recude the risk of injury

*QuikScout Software is a Windows Software Package

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